Bachelor of Business Administration
Experiential Learning

The experiential component of the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program at Mercer Business is one of the most unique and integral parts of students' education. Mercer Business students are provided with several opportunities to apply knowledge and expand understanding of business knowledge outside the classroom. These opportunities include:

Classroom knowledge is applied in real-world settings through internships. Mercer Business students complete discipline-specific internships across a variety of industries, learning the breadth of which their knowledge can be applied in the business world. Practical, hands-on experience allows students to learn new skills and increase their knowledge in their chosen field of study.

Students impact communities in developing foreign countries through Mercer On Mission. Meaningful service projects help Mercer students make a direct impact on the lives in the countries they visit. These experiences oftentimes are transformational for students, helping them clarify purpose.

Students explore different cultures, languages and economies while earning academic credits in a foreign setting. The study abroad overseas academic experience enables students to see the world through a different perspective that nurtures personal growth and intellectual development.


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