Certificate Programs

The Center for Executive Education’s open enrollment certificate programs are offered throughout the year on Mercer University’s Atlanta campus.

Please check back for 2018 program schedules and registration information.

World Financial Group Personal Finance Workshop

This workshop is designed to help you strengthen your financial literacy and teach you how to take control of your personal finances. Explore a variety of financial topics such as investing, debt management, saving and growing your money, retirement planning, and much more.
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Certificate in Project Management

The Certificate in Project Management is built on core processes defined in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), and participants will learn the content necessary to pass the PMP Certification exam. The program addresses the people skills and real-world practices required for successful project managers. Taught by experienced practitioners and academics, program participants gain an analytical framework, communication techniques, strategic planning skills, and managerial insight to ensure projects are completed on time, on budget and within scope. The program facilitates managers to be more accomplished, qualified, and efficient in their fields. 
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Green Belt Lean Six Sigma Certification

Lean Six Sigma is a methodology for business excellence through continuous improvement. Upon certification, participants will be equipped with the tools to optimize business processes and contribute to breakthrough results in corporate performance. The curriculum integrates Six Sigma and Lean with business analytics, business intelligence and decision support.
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Workshop in Working with Difficult People

This program is designed to provide business managers, owners, leaders, and team members with the tools needed to analyze individual and group needs, resolve conflict, and build personal leadership skills in order to increase productivity in the workplace. You will learn to analyze individuals emotionally, socially, cognitively and philosophically to determine workplace needs.
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Workshop in Effective Negotiating for Women

Successful negotiations in today’s highly dynamic work environments requires excellent joint problem solving skills and tactics in persuasion.  However, gender biases influence both the ways in which women choose to negotiate and how they are perceived by others when negotiating. In this highly interactive program, we will explore these unique challenges and practice both negotiations in everyday settings, in the workplace when coordinating with multiple colleagues, and when engaged in one-on-one discussions around salary and promotions.
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Microsoft Excel Training Workshop

This workshop series provides individuals with valuable training and knowledge when utilizing one of the most frequently used applications in any business or organization — Microsoft Excel. Whether you're a beginning, intermediate or advanced user, this workshop will teach you how to develop and polish the skillset needed to position yourself as a frontrunner for lead reporting roles.
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Certificate in Professional Selling and Business Development

The Certificate in Professional Selling and Business Development helps entrepreneurs, executives and experts develop an understanding of the professional selling process, the importance of business development and how tightly the two sets of skills are related.  Basic sales concepts that are used by organizations to develop long-term partnerships with customers are examined and practiced. In addition, selling within large enterprises is explored and practiced. Finally, personal selling skills are enhanced through discussions, case analyses, role-playing, and personalized feedback.
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Certificate in Data Analytics

Businesses are increasingly leveraging sophisticated analytics to shape their competitive strategies and outperform the competition. Thus, analytics is one of the fastest growing fields in business. The Certificate in Data Analytics includes course work across the entire data life cycle, including the development of a logical data model, merging and manipulating datasets, using sophisticated analytical techniques and building visually effective data displays.
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Certificate in Internet Marketing Strategies

This program facilitates an in-depth exploration into the dynamic and ever-changing world of Internet Marketing. Internet marketing is a blend of advertising and marketing efforts that utilize search engine optimization, email, social media, and mobile marketing to drive sales. The workshop will facilitate a learning environment that teaches participants the techniques for creating unique, targeted, and efficient campaigns.
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