Microsoft Excel Training Workshop

Learn how interpreting and organizing data can make an impact on the performance and growth of your business or organization.

The Microsoft Excel Training Workshop is designed to help Microsoft Excel users of all levels increase their knowledge and confidence in using this vital application. Whether you're a soon-to-be graduate who is mapping out your future, a career-changer looking to be well-equipped for the first day on the job, or a seasoned professional looking to increace proficiency in one of the most commonly used project and data managament applications, this workshop series explores how raw data is organized and manipulated within Microsoft Excel. Key content areas of this workshop include:

  • If, Arrested and Nested Statements
  • Text and Date Functions
  • Pivot Tables
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Quadrants
  • Sparklines
  • Filtering and Sorting
Please check back for 2018 program schedules and registration information.

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  • Confidence and familiarity in analyzing and reporting data
  • Understanding of how interpreting data can yield favorable results for your organization
  • Increase in analytical and critical thinking skills
  • Directors and managers looking to broaden their level of data-interpreting knowledge to better communicate facts and figures to company stakeholders.
  • Students and working professionals who wish to enhance their proficiency in organizing and interpreting data using Microsoft Excel.
  • Aspiring business leaders seeking to sharpen their skills in preparation for data-driven career paths.

Mercer is offering special discount pricing for this certificate program. Discounts are available for the following:

  • Mercer University Students or Alumni
  • Mercer University Faculty or Staff
  • Military and Veterans
  • Past Mercer University Executive Education Participants
  • Atlanta Tech Village Staff and Villagers
  • Companies sending a team of three or more

Please email or call 678.547.6325 to confirm eligibility and receive your discount code.

Whitney Turner
Whitney Turner is a business analyst for The Home Depot and holds an MBA from Mercer University’s business school. Ms. Turner has served as a data analyst for various Fortune 500 companies including Carter’s, Inc., the McKesson Corporation and Turner Broadcasting System. During her tenure, Whitney utilized her advanced Microsoft Excel and keen data analysis skillset to help those companies increase their bottom line, streamline processes and increase operational efficiencies. She recently launched a Microsoft Excel Fortune 500 bootcamp, in which she teaches the top skills and formulas utilized by Fortune 500 analysts and managers. Ms. Turner also provides her consulting services in Excel reporting and data analysis for digital marketing, retail and human resources firms.