Marketing is a dynamic and fluid field that provides value to a company and its target customers by bringing buyers and sellers together through branding, positioning and communication.  Marketers work in a broad spectrum of positions including sales and advertising, research, social media, media planning, and customer relations.


Marketing students learn to expand upon basic and fundamental marketing principles to research customer needs and trends, communicate with potential customers and provide services that enhance value.  Courses include marketing research and strategy development, consumer behavior, advertising/media planning, social media marketing and event planning.

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Individuals who successfully earn the bachelor of business administration degree with a major in Marketing can go on to work as business professionals in positions including: marketing manager, account executive, marketing specialist, account manager or district sales manager.

Recent Mercer marketing graduates are in careers with Macys-New York, Coca-Cola, Chick-fil-a Corporate, State Farm, Ogilvy-Mather-Atlanta, WGXA-TV and Google.