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Attention Mercer student entrepreneurs! Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in one of two business competitions. Cash prizes are awarded!

The Next Big Idea - April 5th

The Next Big Idea is a business plan competition that will be hosted on Mercer’s Macon campus, and is designed to encourage students in the Central Georgia region to make their business dreams a reality –and we have $15,000 to help you do it.  Business plans are due March 10 — don't wait, find out more and register your idea at For more information contact Dr. Linda Brennan at

Entrepreneurship Festival - May 3rd (8 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.)

The festival will be hosted on Mercer’s Atlanta campus and offers a great opportunity for participants to build their management capabilities with:

  • Insights into the entrepreneurial process and the development of a successful business plan
  • Experience in transforming ideas into real business solutions
  • Priceless feedback and personal advice on current business concepts
  • Contacts through a network of people who can expand their business resources 
  • An educational experience, which adds value to any resume                               

Create your best business model for a chance to win cash prizes. 1st Place-$5,000 and 2nd Place- $2,500

The celebration luncheon will directly follow the competition where the winners will be announced and awards presented. The luncheon will also feature a business “star” as an honoree and keynote speaker.

To enter:

1. Fill out a short Application

2. Create an exciting 2-minute video, selling your “Big Idea”

3. Submit a 500 word Executive Summary, describing your “Big Idea.” 

Application Deadline: April 7, 2014

For additional details or to request an application, contact: Dr. Bob Perkins at

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