Social Media Graduate Assistantship


Job Description

The School of Business social media graduate assistantship provides an opportunity for a Mercer University graduate business student to obtain work experience in the field of higher education marketing and communications and expand and apply discipline-specific knowledge and skills under supervision while earning an advanced (graduate-level) degree in a related field.


To qualify for the graduate assistantship, the student must:

  • Be fully admitted and enrolled as a degree-seeking student in an eligible Mercer University graduate business program, including the Master of Business Administration (MBA) or the Master of Science in Business Analytics
  • Successfully complete graduate assistantship application and interview process
  • Successfully maintain full-time, graduate-level course load each term in which the student is employed as a graduate assistant
  • Maintain good academic standing for the duration of the academic program
  • Complete the graduate program of study and assistantship in one academic year

Terms and Conditions:

The graduate assistantship includes the following requirements and benefits:

  • Minimum 20 hours per week of part-time employment in-person for the length of the program
  • Scholarship covering graduate tuition and required fees, university housing, campus meal plan, and a monthly stipend for books and incidentals; for the length of the program

In special circumstances with the approval of the Dean of the School of Business, the graduate assistantship may be available for a part-time course load and/or renewed for an extended or additional academic term after successful completion of the initial term.

Duties and Responsibilities:

– Support a variety of social media needs for the School of Business, including:

  • Field questions from social media interns and social coordinator
  • Review and provide feedback on social content produced by interns and staff
  • Pitch unique social ideas/concepts and expand on ideas provided by the team
  • Manage incoming social media post requests from School of Business faculty and staff
    • Assign requests to social media interns accordingly
    • Plan for and assign social media coverage of School of Business Atlanta and Macon campus events
  • Hold social media interns accountable to meeting post and project deadlines
  • Ensure social media interns are posting assignments on time and with accuracy
  • Add content to and manage social media calendar
  • Explore ways to leverage social media analytics in collaboration with analytics intern to expand reach and better tailor content to the diverse audiences the School of Business serves
  • Guide Instagram reel strategy, pitch ideas, and assist interns in efficiently executing short-form video ideas
  • Track and monitor conversations on social media platforms
    • ¬†Hold interns accountable to fulfilling rotating engagement coordinator responsibilities
  • Create weekly review presentations for team meetings
  • Facilitate and run weekly engaging intern team meetings
  • Gather, proof, and turn in social media intern timesheets
  • Update and manage team documents including social media internship guide, testimonial tracking document, and social media analytics documents as needed
  • Research other schools, companies, and brands to assess current social media trends and share with team to maintain relevant content



The School of Business is seeking a graduate assistant to join our team. This role will assist with social media and other marketing needs as they relate to managing the School of Business’ social media presence.

If you are interested in the role, please fill out the application below.

Social Media Graduate Assistantship

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