B.S., University of Tennessee, 1968 C.P.A.
M.B.A., University of Utah, 1971
Ph.D., University of Georgia, 1989


Dr. Walter Austin is a Professor of Accounting at Stetson School of Business and Economics in Macon. Dr. Austin recently had one of his MBA students tell him, "I really expected to dislike accounting, but it has been one of my favorite subjects because it is so interesting." How satisfying that was for Dr. Austin, but it was not accidental. Every day his students study the accounting of real companies, and the business news from the morning newspaper frequently start his classes. His goal is to help students appreciate the connection between their academic studies and the world in which they live and work and to be prepared to excel in that world. Dr. Austin began teaching at the United States Air Force Academy in 1980, taught there for 10 years, and served as the Accounting and Finance Department chairman. After 22 years of service, he retired from the Air Force as a Lieutenant Colonel and chose to continue his teaching at Mercer, because like the Air Force Academy, Mercer values good teaching.

In addition to teaching, Dr. Austin regularly serves as an expert witness and legal consultant on accounting matters. He has been involved in over 30 cases, requiring accounting expertise and has testified in Federal, state, and local courts. This consulting provides him with current, relevant, real-world material to enrich his teaching.

While in the Air Force, Dr. Austin developed a love for foreign travel, and has continued to travel, as time permits. He is a life long fitness buff, and has a regular regime of swimming and weight lifting. Reading, theater, and movies round out his spare time. He has been married 39 years, and has five grown children and seven grandchildren.

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