Dr. Allen Lynch

Director of Assessment, Associate Professor of Economics and Quantitative Methods


  • PhD, Florida State University
  • MS, Florida State University
  • BA, University of North Florida

Dr. Allen Kenneth Lynch is an Associate Professor of Economics and Quantitative Methods in the Stetson-Hatcher School of Business and Economics in Macon, Georgia. He earned an undergraduate degree in Economics from the University of North Florida and holds both Master’s and Doctoral degrees from Florida State University.

Dr. Lynch brings fairly extensive private sector experience into the classroom. His experiences in the industry include a stint as Senior Demographic Research Analyst with Blockbuster Entertainment Group. In that role, Dr. Lynch was responsible for forecasting revenue for new and existing sites, projecting market area penetration levels and assisting with the development of optimal inventory models. Additionally, Dr. Lynch served as Research Associate for the Collins Center for Public Policy in Tallahassee, Florida. Dr. Lynch continues to work with industry today, as he has served as a consultant or expert witness in the legal representation of various nationally recognized corporations in the states of Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, and Colorado.

In addition to these “real world” experiences, Dr. Lynch also has produced numerous articles, which appear in well-respected academic journals. He has produced academic literature in The Journal of Labor Research, Applied Economics, Urban Studies, The Journal of Sports Economics and Interfaces, among others. He has most fun with research related to college athletics. In fact, his research in this area has generated media attention from organizations such as CNN, CNN Headline News, CNBC, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Forbes Magazine.

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