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Eric Kushins

Director of Executive Programs, Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship

Eric Kushins


B.A., Wesleyan University
M.A., Rutgers University
Ph.D., Rutgers University


Eric is engaged in two primary streams of research. The first focuses on speaker voice, race attribution, and stereotyping in the employee selection process. He was awarded a three-year National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship to support this work. This research investigates discrimination in the job market at the point of first verbal communication between a job applicant and a potential employer.

Eric’s second stream of research, which is the focus of his dissertation, investigates small businesses and organizational culture. This study is based on an 18-month ethnographic study of four organizations—an organic farm, an aerospace factory, a florist, and a home health aide placement company. Eric studied managerial cultures, organizational routines, and the ways small businesses with limited resources are able to survive and grow, despite few formal structures or operational processes.

He teaches at both the undergraduate and MBA levels, including Entrepreneurship, Organizational Behavior, and Principles of Management.

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