Center for Executive Education

Our Mission

The Center for Executive Education at the Stetson School of Business and Economics offers a portfolio of programs that have been developed by the most forward thinking minds in academia and industry. Our faculty and leading practitioners are experts at translating key business issues into applicable strategies for executives, and they are excellent at delivering this material in a compelling way. Our programs are designed to accelerate the careers of professionals from all industries and from around the globe. We deliver these unique educational experiences, via a learning model that is focused on "learn it today, apply it today". We help decision-makers become more dynamic leaders, more effective managers, and more valuable team members.

The goal of the Center for Executive Education is to strengthen organizations by maximizing their human capital through innovative and state of the art programs. Today's business environment requires practical and useful knowledge that facilitates critical thinking. We provide the tools and skills for professionals to analyze information and data, assimilate that information quickly, formulate a strategy, and most importantly, communicate that strategy.

For more information contact Dr. Michael Weber at or 678-547-6056.




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