Program Requirements

The 36-hour MS in Business Analytics curriculum prepares students for successful careers in the field of data and business analytics. Upon completion of the program, students are able to utilize current tools and applications to make informed business decisions. Through projects, presentations, and data analysis, students will be able to model data and effectively communicate data-driven findings to the stakeholders. The weekday format enrolls twice per year in August and January, and the online format begins in January.

Core Program

BDA 600 Survey of Business Analytics
BDA 601 Foundations of Programming
BDA 602 Statistics for Business Analytics
BDA 610 Advanced Business Statistics
BDA 611 Visual Reporting and Communication
BDA 612 Management Analytics
BDA 620 Data Mining
BDA 622 Marketing Analytics
BDA 630 Legal and Ethical Issues Affecting Big Data
BDA 632 Financial Analytics
BDA 640 Data Driven Decision Making
BDA 650 Fieldwork

Total: 36 hours

Beginning classes soon? View program plans for the weekday and weekend M.S. in Business Analytics below.