Program Requirements

The MS in Business Analytics curriculum prepares students to understand and use quantitative tools such as probability, statistics, and optimization to inform business decisions. Upon successful completion of the program, students will be able to model data and effectively communicate data findings. The weekday format begins in January and August, and foundation courses are embedded within the curriculum. The weekend format begins with foundation courses in January. Core courses begin in March.

Foundation Courses: 9 hours

BAA 505 Micro and Macro Economics
BAA 510 Accounting and Finance
BAM 530 Business Statistics

Incoming students must demonstrate proficiency in foundational business coursework. Waiver options are available for qualified students with guidance from an academic advisor.

Core Program: 30 hours

BA 629 Legal and Ethical Issues Affecting Big Data
BA 631 Visual Reporting and Communication
BA 633 Advanced Business Statistics
BA 634 Marketing and Social Media Analytics
BA 636 Data Mining
BA 638 Data Driven Decision Making Optimization
BA 639 Fieldwork
BA 645 Financial Analytics
BA 646 Introduction to R Programming
BA 648 Database Management and SQL
BAM 622 Applied Data Analytics and Simulations

Total: 30 hours

39 hours if the foundation courses are needed