Program Requirements

The Combined MBA/M.Div. program integrates a foundation of Business Administration into the local church setting. The MBA curriculum leads students to develop an understanding of human behavior, attitudes and skills necessary to achieve effective team-building and working relationships. Up to nine hours of MBA core course work may be applied toward the M.Div. degree, and six hours of M.Div. credit may be applied toward the MBA.

MBA Program

Foundation Courses: 0-9 hours

BAA 505 Micro and Macro Economics
BAA 510 Accounting and Finance
BAM 530 Business Statistics

Students may waive this foundation work with the satisfactory completion of equivalent undergraduate courses as evidenced by their official transcripts.

Core Program: 27 hours

BUS 601 Global Managerial Economics
BUS 602 Managing Human Capital
BUS 603 Accounting for Managers
BUS 604 Legal Environment of Business
BUS 605 Marketing Decision Making
BUS 609 Financial Decision Making
BUS 606 Decision Making and Decision Analytics OR
BUS 611 Supply Chain and Logistics Management
BUS 613 Ethical Leadership
BUS 699 Strategy/Capstone

Total MBA hours: 30