Program Requirements

General Education: 30 hours

Additional Requirements: 9 hours

Business Core Curriculum: 39-40 hours

MAT 131 Function and Graphs OR MAT 133 Pre-calculus
ECN 150 Microeconomics
ECN 151 Macroeconomics
ACC 204 Financial Accounting
ACC 205 Managerial Accounting
BUS 281 Business Communications
BUS 346 Legal, Ethical & Regulatory Environment
IST 349 Management Information Systems
ECN 353 Econometrics
FIN 362 Principles of Finance
MGT 363 Principles of Management
MKT 361 Principles of Marketing
MGT 498 Strategic Management (Capstone)

Supply Chain Management Major: 21 hours

MGT 382 Production Operations Management
ISE 362 Production Planning and Control
ISE 456 Supply Chain and Logistics
MGT 415 Global Operations Management
MGT 425 Logistics Management

Two additional courses from the following list:
ISE 403 Modeling and Simulation
ISE 443 Project Management
MGT 477 Special Topics in Management


Students may take elective courses as needed to reach the required total hours.

Total Graduation Requirements: 120 hours