Professional MBA for Innovation

Business. Innovation. Leadership. The trifecta of entrepreneurial development.

CEO Magazine Global Executive Ranking Badge 2018Being innovative does not only mean inventing. It can mean refining a business model and adapting to changes in the industry that enables your organization to deliver better products or services. Mercer University’s Professional Master of Business Administration for Innovation helps you become the skilled professional who understands this essential aspect of EMBA Tier One Badgethe business strategy. This program is designed for current and aspiring innovators and entrepreneurs. Whether you're looking to create and lead more effective processes, products and ideas for your current employer, or planning to start your own venture, this innovation MBA equips you with the necessary leadership and business knowledge.CEO Magazine Tier One North American Ranking Badge 2018

Classes are led by faculty teams that bring extensive academic, corporate, and entrepreneurial experience to the learning environment. Professional MBA candidates learn through classroom discussions, presentations, team projects, research, and technology-based interaction. Throughout the program, students will have career coaching and teambuilding opportunities through unique activities such as culinary challenges and an “escape room” exercise. Students will solidify what their unique strengths and preferences are through strength finders.

Students also learn from visiting business leaders. These executives bring their insight and experience to the classroom as they discuss their companies and how they address the demands of competition in today’s marketplace.

Program participants complete coursework in the thriving city of Atlanta, giving students an opportunity to earn an innovation-focused MBA with this global business hub as their backdrop and learning field as they master new skills and concepts. The program is offered in a convenient and fast-tracked delivery format:

  • Relevant professional experience requirement for candidates
  • GMAT score waiver available for qualified applicant experience
  • Accelerated 16-month program with March start date
  • Cohort model that fosters collaboration and networking
  • Saturday classes every two weeks
  • Three class retreats covering specific business topics
  • Week-long business residency in a major business market

Insight for your professional pursuits

Mercer’s Professional MBA for Innovation equips students to serve as confident, skilled leaders who are well informed of current business trends. Through our Wednesday Webinar Series, you’ll get a sample of insight from Mercer’s expert faculty who instill important business skills in their students. Each topic features a dynamic discussion with a distinguished Mercer faculty member on current business topics. Regardless of your current role, industry, or years of experience, discover key insights essential for the modern business professional.

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The Professional Master of Business Administration for Innovation program features a linear curriculum that mirrors the stages of venture development from the point of idea generation to project launch. This dynamic approach immerses candidates in an all-encompassing program in which they gain the broad perspective needed for effective advanced decision-making. Curriculum content is divided into four thematic modules – each beginning with a retreat to provide concentrated study on specific business topics such as idea generation, negotiation and leadership, accounting for start-up projects and firms, project management tools, socio-economics for innovation, law for entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial finance, and risk analysis.

Field Residency Experience
The PMBA features a weeklong Best Practices Field Residency, where students travel to a major business center, such as Silicon Valley or Wall Street, to gain hands-on experience and meet with top executives of successful companies that are flourishing in today's competitive market. Students will visit a variety of industries and participate in discussions focused on facilitating creativity and innovation, team-building, funding, product development, product launch, managed growth, and additional best practices.

Our 2016 cohort completed a field residency in San Francisco, where they deepened their knowledge in practices of various types of corporations – from venture capitalists (Andreessen Horowitz) and start-up companies (Six Pack Fitness), to non-profit organizations (Kiva) and large corporations (Salesforce, Evernote, SAP). Students met with CEOs to learn about the different corporate cultures, management challenges and successes, manufacturing decisions, and being entrepreneurial and innovation leaders in various environments.

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The program's relevant experience requirement ensures that all students are seasoned professionals with decision-making experience. The classroom transforms into a dynamic interactive-learning environment with students contributing personal experience to an advanced dialogue with highly credentialed faculty. The typical cohort profile is diversified in terms of age, years of experience, gender, and ethnicity.

Current students include specialists, consultants, executives, advisors, and managers from prominent business organizations, such as The Coca-Cola Company, Sprint, Dollar General, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, and the 3M Company.



Mastering the skills needed to successfully execute on a broad range of innovation initiatives allows you to attain professional success and growth while also adding value to your company or organization. The PMBA provides the foundation and tools needed to sharpen your management skills and take your expertise from the classroom to the boardroom. Students will earn a Six Sigma Green Belt within the program and have the opportunity to earn their Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.

Individuals who successfully complete Mercer’s Professional MBA for Innovation degree can go on to work in the following areas as leaders: product innovation/development, entrepreneurial ventures, business development, business operations strategy, management consulting, or project/program management.


Applicants for the Professional Master of Business Administration program must hold a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution; a major in business is not required. Professionals with varied backgrounds and diverse undergraduate degrees are encouraged to apply.

Application Checklist
Submit all of the following items to complete your application to the program:

  • Stetson School of Business and Economics Application for Admission
    The GMAT can be waived with a superior admissions portfolio. Indicate “no” on the application if you have not taken the GMAT.
    Begin application now >
  • $50 Non-refundable Application Fee ($100 for international applicants)
    Submit the required application fee in the form of a check or money order made payable to Mercer University.
  • Transcripts from All Previously Attended Institutions
    Submit an official transcript from each college or university previously attended. Former Mercer University students are not required to request a Mercer University transcript.
    Transcript Request Form >
  • Two Letters of Recommendation
    Submit two letters of recommendation in sealed envelopes using the official recommendation form below. One of the two letters should be completed by your manager or supervisor.
    Recommendation Form >
  • Current Résumé
  • Personal Statement
    Submit a 250-500 word personal statement detailing why you've chosen to pursue an MBA at this point in your career, why this program is the right fit for your desired MBA experience, and how this program will help you achieve your post-graduate goals.
  • Personal Interview
    Your in-person interview will be scheduled upon completion and submission of all other materials. As part of the interview process, candidates will be given a quantitative test and a written assessment.

Submit all application supporting materials to:
Mercer University
Stetson School of Business and Economics
Office of Admissions
3001 Mercer University Drive
Atlanta, GA 30341

Admission decisions cannot be made until all application materials have been received. International students have additional requirements.

Priority Application Deadlines*
Apply by August 15; Decision by October 1
Apply by October 1; Decision by November 15
Apply by November 15; Decision by December 15
Apply by January 15; Decision by February 15
*Students will be admitted on a rolling basis.

For more information about program admission, contact our Office of Admissions at 678.547.6300 or

 Professional MBA  $10,625  $42,500

Tuition includes:

  • Air travel, meals, and lodging during field residency
  • Some lodging and meals during retreats
  • Access to campus facilities, including computer labs, library, fitness center, and indoor Olympic pool
  • Miscellaneous classroom materials
  • Technical support during program

A non-refundable $100 tuition deposit is required upon acceptance into the program to secure your spot in the cohort. The deposit is applied to the first semester’s tuition.

Financial Planning
Students enrolling in the Professional MBA can take advantage of federal and/or private loan programs to assist with covering the costs of tuition. Mercer University's Office of Student Financial Planning is equipped to provide up-to-date information on financial assistance available to graduate students via federal loan programs.

678.547.6444 | |, the official website of the GMAT, offers additional resources related to financing your degree.

Non-U.S. citizens or students who graduated from a non-U.S. university must also complete the following requirements to be evaluated for admission:

  • Evaluation of Foreign Credentials
    Applicants who completed all or part of their education abroad are required to have their foreign educational credentials evaluated by an independent evaluation service. A Course-by-Course and Grade Point Average Equivalent Evaluation is required for admission. You must submit an official sealed copy of your evaluation with your application materials.

    Contact the Office of Admissions for more information about evaluation service providers at or 678.547.6300.
  • Official Translations
    Documents submitted in a language other than English must be accompanied by official translations.
  • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)
    A TOEFL or IELTS score not more than two years old is required for international applicants whose primary language is not English. Official score reports must be sent directly to the Office of Admissions by the Educational Testing Service. Use institution code 5025 for submission of official score reports. Unofficial copies of the score report may be included with the application for initial review and evaluation, but an official score report will be required for applicants who are offered admission.

    Exception: A TOEFL score is not required of international applicants who have attended another U.S. institution and completed freshman English Composition I and II with a grade of "C" or higher.