General Business

If you’re looking for a more holistic course of study in business that can be tailored to suit your needs, then the BBA in General Business (also known as the Personal Portfolio of Study) is right for you. This major allows you to design your own academic track by choosing upper-level courses in popular business concentrations. Interested in learning more about finance or diving deeper into the world of economics? Take a class or two. Want to get more comfortable with accounting or tackle a few more marketing courses? Go for it! You’ve got the option to take a combination of six classes in various business disciplines.


The General Business major focuses on broad business knowledge, technical expertise and management skills required by business today. Rigorous courses and hands-on projects will expose you to a wide variety of business disciplines and methodologies. The curriculum can be customized to facilitate your specific career goals.
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With a deep understanding of business-related disciplines such as accounting, marketing, finance and information systems, many general business majors go on to work in various fields of business and industry or pursue careers within the local, state or federal government. Study in general business is also designed to prepare students to start their own businesses and/or to pursue an advanced degree. Common job titles held by General Business majors include: management analyst, financial analyst, customer service manager, procurement manager, retail store manager, and entrepreneur.

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