Program Requirements

Weekend classes for Mercer’s Health Care MBA are offered in eight-week terms on the Macon campus in the fall, spring, and summer semesters. To complete the program in 12 months, students will enroll in two classes every eight weeks.

Foundation Courses: 9 hours

BAA 505 Micro and Macro Economics
BAA 510 Accounting and Finance
BAM 530 Business Statistics

Students may waive this foundation work with the satisfactory completion of equivalent undergraduate courses as evidenced by their official transcripts.

Core Program: 24 hours

BAA 601 Managerial Economics
BAA 607 Management Information Systems
BAM 610 Managers and the Legal and Governmental Environment of Business
BAM 612 Corporate Financial Management
BAM 614 Accounting for Control
BAM 620 Strategic Marketing
PBA 653C Marketing Concepts and Consumer Behavior
BA 692 Organizational Behavior

Health Care Courses: 12 hours

HCM 600 Elements and International Health
HCM 602 Ethical Issues in Health Care Management
HCM 603 Health Care Economics and Finance
BAM 699 MBA Capstone

Total: 36 hours

45 hours if the foundation courses are needed