International Business

Donald Williams

International Business majors receive the educational background, practical knowledge and engaged international experiences needed for pursuing careers in international business and international affairs. Students are required to have an international experiential component and can choose to enroll and participate in one of the following: 

  • A semester-long study abroad program
  • A faculty-led study abroad program
  • A Mercer On Mission initiative


International business majors are prepared for careers that span all facets of business in an international setting.  Courses include international marketing/management, international economics, and international finance.  International Business majors will also fulfill a two-year foreign language requirement.

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Graduates may go on to pursue opportunities with traditional for-profit firms, non-profit entities and government agencies within the United States and abroad. Individuals who successfully earn the bachelor of business administration degree with a major in International Business can go on to work as business professionals in positions including: international marketing manager, management consultant, international finance manager or management analyst.  Our  most recent job placement is with the BMW corporation.