Human Resource Management

Managers must learn how to lead, organize, plan and monitor the performance of the workplace. The Human Resource Management major at Mercer provides students with opportunities to learn through classroom experience, special projects and real-world opportunities.

Students majoring in Human Resource Management will learn to:

  • Work effectively with individuals, groups and teams
  • Manage internal change
  • Monitor changing economic conditions
  • Develop methods for evaluating effectiveness in a variety of ways


The Human Resource Management curriculum leads students to develop and hone the skills necessary to become effective managers in a variety of business settings. Courses include human resource management, organizational behavior, and leadership.
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Individuals who successfully earn the bachelor of business administration degree with a major in human resource management can go on to work as business professionals in positions including: marketing manager, account manager, sales representative, human resources manager, sales trainee or financial analyst.

Recent placements of Mercer management graduates include positions with Google as well as other local and regional firms.