B.E.A.R Certification

BEAR Passport

What Is it?

The Business Engagement And Readiness Certification is a formalized certificate program open to all undergraduate and graduate business students at Mercer's Atlanta, Douglas County, and Henry County locations. The certificate is an indicator that you have gone above and beyond classroom studies to show active involvement in professional/career development and engagement. The certificate is earned by participating in various events that involve professional development, career recruitment/networking, and professional engagement. You are eligible to obtain certification each 12-month period from your original start date at Mercer. 

Why Is It Important?

When it comes to employees, employers desire initiative and engagement beyond what is required. Eligible certificate events are designed with input from employers. Having this certification will be a valuable addition to your resume and impressive to employers. Attending the events will increase your exposure to potential employers and experts on hot topics and expand your personal skill set for your career. 

How Do I Get it?

Students will receive a B.E.A.R. Certification Passport to track participation in eligible events. You must obtain 10 points from the day you pick up your passport to be awarded a certificate. Passports are valid for 12 months.

All participants are required to activate their Handshake account and submit a resume for approval (1 pt). A monthly report will verify each month a list of students that have earned this 1 point. Additionally, participants are required to attend at least TWO events from Development and at least ONE event from EACH of the Career and Engagement categories. Event attendance will be recorded in Handshake and your personal passport book*. Certificates will be awarded each May during SSBE’s annual Honors Ceremony; however, we will announce certification as soon as you obtain it so that you may list it on your resume.

To be recognized at Honors Night, B.E.A.R Certification should be completed and recognized by April 30.

10 points required from the following:

Professional Development Events

(Must choose at least 2)

Career Recruitment/Networking

(Must choose at least 1)

Professional Engagement

(Must choose at least 1)

‘Branding Yourself’ Workshop (1 pt) ACFE Career Fair (2 pts) Executive Forums (2 pts)
Cover Letter Lab (1 pt) **Emory University Career Fair (2 pts) Hot Topic Panel Events (2 pts)
Etiquette Dinner (2 pts) **KSU Accounting Career Fair (2 pts) Lunch and Learns (2 pts)
LinkedIn Lab (1 pt) **KSU All-Major Career Fair (2 pts) *Professional Conferences (4 pts)
Resume Critique Drop-in (1 pt) **KSU STEM Career Fair (2 pts)  
Resume Workshop (1 pt) Mercer University Career Fair (2 pts)  
Virtual ‘Branding Yourself’ Workshop (1 pt) **Professional Association Networking Events  
Virtual LinkedIn Lab (1 pt) SSBE Atlanta Career Fair (2 pts)  
Virtual Mock Interviews (1 pt)    
Virtual Resume Workshop (1 pt)



*External events to Mercer will require proof of attendance. Submission deadlines will be posted.

**Professional dress and resume required.

Some events may have limited seating/targeted invites. If you attend an event not specifically listed, please check with Anne Kelly, Director of Graduate Career Management Services, to verify/review awarded points.

Event schedules will be listed on the SSBE Career website as well as our social media pages.